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Growing up in Zimbabwe, I was immersed in a vibrant, artistic environment from a young age. My practice draws inspiration from the individuality of local Zimbabwean artisans, many of whom rely on weaving as a source of income: a traditional practice passed down from generation to generation. This surrounding environment is integral to my own work; combining consciously foraged, organic materials with the art and craft of weaving as an explorative narrative

I view the concept of landscape as a critical site, one which occupies the realm between thought and process. Not solely concerned with landscape itself, my practice centres on the experience of being immersed in it, of being part of it. The walking, the collecting – the feeling of fully connecting with the wider ecosystem. Integrating the use of natural and found material is therefore central to my work; through the richness of this materiality, I endeavour to explore the daily experience of being human, translated through the form and function of woven art objects.

With a background in both Fine Art and Jewellery and Silversmithing, the relationship between different materials has always fascinated me; pushing the boundaries of what has been done and creating new approaches that look to the future. My practice is a place where cultural narratives and identities are foregrounded in the physical act of making and the exploration of the changing natural world.

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